Mary Agnes Elliott

Mary Agnes has lived in Castlefin for the past 47 years, during which time she has taken an active interest in the area. A long standing member of Donegal Historical Society (see for more info), she has collected a wealth of material on Donegal's history - and in particular, the history of Castlefin.

Throughout the years, she has written numerous articles, several of which have been published. As well as being historically correct, all of her articles are written in a clear and concise way, making them easy to read and enjoyable to the reader. She has also written some delightful short stories for children

In this section of our website, we are pleased to feature a selection of Mrs Elliott's work...for without the huge efforts of local historians like Mrs Elliott, much of our rich and cultural past would be lost forever.

Mary Agnes, we at Finn Valley Online are extremely grateful for your willingness to help and support our project...and to share your memories of the past with those people, all over the world, who have an interest in Donegal.

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